»   Upcoming Events
Yamunaji Gungan Katha at Savannah State University
Savannah, GA, USA.

05-07-2013 To 06-07-2013
Satsang & Padharamanis
Florence, SC, USA.

07-08-2013 To 09-08-2013
Satsang & Padharamanis
Charlotte, NC, USA.

Spiritual Discourses In Shiva Vishnu Temple
Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Spiritual Discourses
at Darshanbhai & Manishaben's Residence, Columbus Ohio, USA.

12-08-2013 To 13-08-2013
Satsang & Padharamanis
Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

14-07-2013 To 15-08-2013
Satsang & Padharamanis
Troy MI, USA.

16-08-2013 & 18-08-2013
Bharat Prayag Tirth & Kalash Mahotsav followed by Divine Discourses
Detriot MI, USA.

»   Latest Releases
Jai Ho Shreenathji
To encourage & illuminate intense love for Krishna in today's Youth, Pujya Shri Vrajrajkumarji Mahodayshri had soulfully composed "KRISHNA MY LOVE" & "O MY KRISHNA" & to continue to spread the aroma of Divine Love for Krishna in each of us, he has ad...
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"O My Krishna is the latest musical album of soulful compositions inspired by His Holiness. The album is produced by Vallabh Youth Organization and is bound with essence of traditional & indo-western music & sung by His Holiness & the wellknown...
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»   News
Pushtimargia Shrinathji Haveli In Parcipanny Town
Vallabh Youth Organisation ( VYO - USA ) in the collaboration with Bhakti Nidhi Inc,NJ announces first pushtimargia Shrinathji haveli in Parcipanny ...
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»   Latest Events
Thakorjis Grand Manorath | 5th July 2013 - 10th July 2013
VYO Nepa ( North east Pensilvenia ) has organised Thakorjis Grand manorath followed by discourses and Medical camp .
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Faag Utsav | 28th February 2013 - 28th February 2013
Under the divine presence of Pujya Shri Vrajrajkumarji Mahodayshri, VYO Bhavnagar has organized the event "Faag Utsav"
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» Annakhshetra Yojana
VYO manages the Annakshetra Yojna to distribute the Monthly Grocery needs to the needful of economically...
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» Education Scheme
To serve the kids of economically backward families for their education...
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» Spiritual Meet
VYO organizes "Spiritual Meet" once in every month. Our main intention is to develop mutual intimacy amongst the youth...
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